Thornback is an indie bookstore in Beijing with books, tea, home supplies, and function of a bazaar. In 18th-century American slang, thornback refers to unmarried women after the age of 26, and is used to mock them for their ugliness and weirdness. But for Yana as a female, the thornback means stubbornly pursuing a better world under imperfect reality.

'I think the value of an independent store is to enrich a monotonous life mode based on some unreasonable "hobbies". We want to create a range of free choices in this space, so that people may instantly be free from the imprisonment of  society." — Yana


“我觉得独立店铺的价值就是按照自己的非合理性的一些“嗜好品”来丰富单一的生活模式。我们想在这个空间当中营造一种自由选择的范围,让人们或许在瞬间可以从社会的禁锢当中解脱出来。”   — Yana
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