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Why do we become emotional and crazy when falling in love? It seems hard to explain our behavior in affinity. Actually our mind and "soul" are parts of the bodies as well. It's all about organs and hormones doing stupid things inside our bodies. 

I created this project to explain 6 symptoms love brings after a large mount of research. It's also a summary of both my 4-years undergraduate studying career (I changed my major from Biology to Design) and personal life.

我们常常把爱情归类为心灵上所需的情感依靠,但是我们也常忽略心与精神其实也算是我们身体的一部分。换而言之,这确实是可以通过生理学进行科学解释的 — 爱情不过就是器官和激素在你的身体里卖蠢。


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