Stop Motion Animation (40", 12f/s)
TOOL Photoshop / After Effect 

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The number of marine theme parks in China is growing rapidly like the economy of this country. Even in my hometown, a little county named Yongtai, a simple aquarium started running in the beginning of 2019. But what the audience remain unaware of is the entertaining performances actually do kill these animals. 

The context of the animation came from a documentary Caging The Ocean's Wild about the dark side the aquarium industry in China.

The sea animals are caged and treated cruelly, and even died during the performance because of overworking and internal organs twisting. There is no professional veterinary for marine mammals in any of these parks. Once they get sick, they will usually be fed with random pills, then be kept in a "dying room" and won't be fed anymore if they don't get better. After these animals died, staff in some parks just hide their bodies in freezers. But there is no law to forbidden animal cruelty in China.

The only thing we can do is say no to animal performance, and do not visit marine theme parks anymore.

动画内容来自Caging The Ocean's Wild,对我的震撼实在太大以至于不得不做些什么。